A good domain name can help you create a brand that would help define your target and stick in your customer’s minds. It can also help you increase the domain search availability in search engines that can increase your rank in search engines. This is why registering the perfect domain name is a very crucial decision.

Let’s face the truth, coming up with a perfect domain name is one of the most challenging aspects of creating a new online business. It unusual for you to come up with a good domain in a day, you can spend weeks or even months. But when you get the good domain name, you are already standing out among your competitors as it can enhance your domain search availability in search engines.

In the article I will explain why it is essential to register your domain name, I will also outline 15 domain name generator tools list, and some tips you should consider choosing a domain name.

Why are Domain names important?

Domain names are one of the first things your visitors see when they visit your website. A good domain can boost your customer’s confidence, and a wrong domain can cause you to lose valuable clients.

Domain name is a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. A good domain can increase the domain search availability in search engines like Bing and Google.

15 domain name generator tools list

Most times we come up with a very great name, but unfortunately, that name you came up with is already an available domain – annoying right?

That is where name generation tools are useful. Here are 15 domain name generator tools:

  1. NameJet
  2. DomainsBot
  3. Name Mesh
  4. Lean Domain Search
  5. Wordoid
  6. NameStation
  7. Dot-o-mator
  8. NXdom
  9. KnowEm
  10. IWantMyName
  11. Instant Domain Search
  12. Impossibility!
  13. Domainhole
  14. Domainr
  15. Bustaname

Three tips you need to know when choosing a domain name

You are already good to go in choosing a domain name with the above 15 domain name generator tools, but I put together these three tips you should also know when choosing a domain name.

  1. Keep your name simple and short. Make sure your domain name is short and straightforward so that people can remember. Be sure your domain name is easy to spell and pronounce.
  2. Be unique and creative. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to start from making your domain name unique. A unique domain name would increase your domain search availability in the search engine.
  3. Avoid trouble. Always make sure you don’t choose a domain that is not too close to another person’s trademark to avoid trouble.