There are so many expired domains with high domain authority and page rank out there, only when you buy them will you discover those domains are scams and worthless. This led to the big question “how do I know which domain is real?” in this post I would give you five tips on analyzing expired domains before buying them.

  1. Domain age. Before buying an expired domain, be sure to check for its age. The domain age can be found from the Whois details for the domain. The domain age is the date which the domain was first registered; that is if the domain has not been dropped. Always go for domains that are a few years older.
  1. Domain authority. Domain authority is a metric between 0 and 100 that shows how well a site will perform in SERPs. You can check for a domain’s D.A using Open Site Explorer. Be sure to choose domains with domain authority higher than 30.

  1. Google penalty. Always check whether Google has indexed any pages from the domain. You should be very careful of domains that have no pages indexed; this might be due to an algorithmic or manual penalty on the domain. If a domain is not indexed, you would be able to see a clear indication of black hat SEO. If there is no clear indication of black hat SEO, it could be an algorithmic penalty. It is very important to check for Google penalties.
  1. Domain sector or industry. The main reason why we buy expired domains is that we want to use it for a particular industry. But before you buy any expired domain, you want to be sure of the sector the domain existed on before. If the website the domain existed before doesn’t fit into the sector or industry you are into, then there is no need buying it. You can check the sector a domain existed before by going to the Wayback Machine and check the different versions of the domain. Always look for a domain from the same industry or sector as yours,
  1. Social Stats. A domain name that has been shared across multiple social networks shows that the website was active and functioning. Don’t get fooled by a domain that has a large social count number as these are easy to fake. The most important social networks for sharing are Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google +1.