There are various sites you can get cheap domain names from, but the problem is that most people that buy cheap domain name buy the wrong domain name for their business.

In this article, I put together five tips to buying good cheap domain names.

  1. Buy your domain name from an established registrar. There are lots of domain registrars available, but if you want to buy your domain name, I would advise you to buy it from an established registrar. There are several established registrar, but I would list the three most common ones which are:
  • GoDaddy
  • HostGator
  • BlueHost
    1. Buy your domain name for a long term. You should buy your domain name for a minimum of 5 years. I am sure you would be wondering why? Buying a domain name long term lets you buy it cheaper than renewing every year. Apart from that, you would also save time and Google would also reward you with higher search ranking. So you see, triple benefits.

  1. Don’t buy auctioned domain names. I understand that most people and companies want a single word, generic domains, but it is not the best for you. Let me give you reasons why.
  • Auctioned names are expensive. You can buy some auctioned domain names for millions of dollars. If you are looking for cheap domains, auctioned domain names are not for you.
  • Auctioned names are not memorable. It is quite difficult to build a brand around a single word. Most customers are looking to buy products from a company, not a generic site.

These reasons are why I don’t want you to buy auctioned domain names.

  1. Read the fine print. Most times, the option we refer to as the ‘cheapest’ always cost more. So before you buy a domain name, you want to be sure about the following features:
  • Renewal price. You can get a domain name for a low price, but be sure to know how much it will take to renew the name.
  • Hosting options. Most registrars offer web hosting too (example: GoDaddy). But most business owners choose to host their website elsewhere. Hosting their site elsewhere gives them the freedom to change host without moving their domains.
  • Auto domain renewal. Most registrars offer this service, but it is good to check. One of the worst things that can happen to an online entrepreneur is losing his/her domain because he/she forgot to renew it.
  • Domain redirect
  • Free domain parking
  • Free domain forwarding.